Unique taste of wine


About us Vineyards KOJDER is a family project. It is run by siblings-Anna and Arthur, but without the support of other members of the family it would be impossible. On a daily basis, both grandparents and parents are assisted in viticulture.

Our history


The establishment of our own vineyard has always been the dream of our dad. Parents in childhood took us on holiday to one of the oldest wine regions in the world, to Italy. We were able to see vineyards for the first time. It can be said that the parents zarazili us a passion for winemaking. Before we founded our own vineyard we decided to enologii learn from the best. That is why we visited many vineyards, mainly in the region of Baden and Palatinate. We have established a lot of new acquaintances and friendship. Szkoliliśmy under the tutelage of Enologów from the Wine Institute in Freiburg. And so, thanks to the courtesy and cordiality of the German winemakers, who have been happy to share their years of experience, we have founded our own vineyard and have undertaken to try to produce their own wine.

Taste of wine


The first 2 hectares were founded in 2015 years, a year later Dosadziliśmy another two. In the future we plan to gradually increase the cultivation area. We mainly grow white vine varieties. Currently, these strains are grown on our vineyards, such as Solaris, Souvignier gris, Muscaris and Johanniter. Besides, we also have red varieties – Prior and Cabernet Cortis.

The vineyards are located in West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Szczecin area. More specifically, they are located in the village Babinek (municipality of Bielice). The fact that the vineyards are located in the sheathed of Szczecin Landscape Park, gives this place a unique and unique microclimate. It is also worth mentioning the outline of geological construction. The Ice Age Plejstoceńskiemu the youngest. The area of the municipality of Bielice form the glacial vysočina of apricot bottom, which is built by Sandy tipping clays. In some places the argillaceous is covered by glacial sand. Our vineyards are therefore growing in picturesque hills, where the interior hides the rich abundance of flavours remaining in the Scandinavian glacier.

Ecology primarily


The first stage of wine production begins with the vineyard. That’s why we focused on the organic farming system to ensure the best development conditions for vines. We do not use chemical plant protection products or synthetic fertilisers from the outset. All in order not to interfere with natural harmony, which promotes the emergence of unique aromas and flavours. In addition to the product of wine we use organic yeast, also certified Vegan. Our wines are extremely aromatic. They are characterized by lightness, freshness and long finish.

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