What`s new in our wineyard?


We are pleased to announce that as the first and only in Poland, we have been ECOVIN members for a year. To belong to the ECOVIN association, strict rules should be followed for both viticulture and the entire wine-making process. In addition to the fact that we do not use plant protection chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, we are also obliged to ensure that the machines used for cultivation meet the requirements of organic farming. On the other hand, the production of organic wine involves, inter alia, the need to use organic yeast. Additionally, when making ecological wine, the permissible sulphite content is clearly lower than in the case of non-certified wines.

Therefore, membership in such a prestigious organization is a great honor for us and a reason to be proud!

You can learn more about the ECOVIN association by visiting the website ecovin.de

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