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Wineries Kojder is a family enterprise. It is run by siblings – Anna and Artur, but without the support of other family members it would be impossible. On a daily basis, both grandparents and parents help in the viticulture.


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Our Wines


Muscaris 2018



– Semi-sweet wine
– 15% alcohol
– Residual sugar 20 g / l
– Acidity 8.3 g / l

A wine with intensely flowery aromas. Perceptible powdery aromas of linden, rose and bird cherry blossoms. The finish is surprisingly dry.

Solaris 2018 (500 ml)



– Sweet wine
– 13% alcohol
– Residual sugar 100 g / l
– Acidity 8.3 g / l

The wine arose from over-ripe, dry fruits. Sweet, fruity aromas in the nose. In the taste of mango, passion fruit, ripe peach. 1/4 solaris fermented and matured in a barrel.

Cuvee 2018

kojder, wino, cuvee



– Semi-sweet wine
– 14% alcohol
– Residual sugar 18 g / l
– Acidity 7.5 g / l

Buy solaris and souvignier gris. Clean and quite intense fruity-floral aromas with accents of sweetness. The taste is dominated by ripe apple, nectarine and white peach.

Solaris 2018



– Sweet wine
– 14% alcohol
– Residual sugar 60 g / l
– Acidity 8.4 g / l

A bunch of egotic fruits, typical for Solaris. Taste of aromas of pineapple, peach, passion fruit, acacia and honey.

Johanniter 2018



– Dry wine
– 13% alcohol
– Residual sugar 3 g / l
– Acidity 6.5 g / l

Fresh, citrus in the nose. Clear acidity that translates to the notes of a young apple, mirabelle and pear.

Souvignier gris 2018



– Dry wine
– 14% alcohol
– Residual sugar 2 g / l
– Acidity 6.8 g / l

A wine with a fresh, fruity bouquet. Clearly perceptible notes of apricot, pear, apple and passion fruit, with a gentle mineral finish.

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